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Senshi CPT offers a wide range of training choices and package options.

Personal Training

Personal training clients receive a free initial consultation.  This includes various assessments to determine if there are any postural imbalances, balance issues, cardio maximums, etc.  Along with the information gathered from your conversation, Lisa will be able to create a personalized workout plan specifically for YOU and your needs. 

She takes a structured and tiered approach with your training whereby you will be layering, increasing and building as you go.  And it is all designed to help you reach your goals. 

*package options and pricing are available.

Senshi Short Circuit - group fitness

Designed and created by a Certified Personal Trainer and a Martial Arts Master. This class will challenge and empower you.  Get fit without getting hit in this self-defense themed, metabolic training class!"


This is Circuit training taken to the next level! 

We have classes on Mondays and Thursdays located upstairs.  These classes are designed to work in tandem.  Our Tuesday class is held downstairs in the gym and utilizes all that the gym has to offer including machines, cables, battle ropes and more.  This class is the perfect compliment to our other classes and is sure to help you jump forward toward your goals.


Each participant will move through self-defense themed and general fitness, timed stations. Each station brings something different, new and challenging. This is a "no touch" class. The only person you are competing against is YOU.

When you come into class you can expect to see any of the following: punching bags, a grappling and take-down dummy, jump rope, activity rings, hand-held focus pads, Lebert Bars, a balance trainer and much more!! Each session is 40 minutes from warm up to cool down. 


What do you need to bring? 


▪ A TOWEL!! (not kidding)

▪ Water, and lots of it. 

▪ Boxing gloves (if you don't have them, you can get them through us.)

▪ Work out in your bare feet or in your gym shoes.

▪ A "get it done" attitude. 


***This program is for all fitness levels. The structure allows for modifications and our NASM Certified Personal Trainer is there to make sure you are using proper form and working to your capacity.

2 for 1 Bootcamp


Looking to workout but not alone?  Have a friend that wants to workout with you?  Having someone to workout with keeps you accountable and actually motivates you to work harder!   You and your friend will meet with our trainer and receive 8 weeks worth of exercise plans, 6 private training sessions, and someone who will check in and provide motivation when needed.  The best part?  One of you trains for free, so you can split the cost!

*6 Private training lessons and can be divided between both of you, or all 6 can be used by both of you if you schedule them together; meaning you both share the hour.

*Additional private training sessions are available.  Ask about our rates and packages.

12 Week Challenge

Ever heard the saying "It takes 4 weeks for you to start to see a difference. 8 weeks for family and friends, and 12weeks for the rest of the world."?

That's the theme for this challenge.  You will meet with our trainer, identify your goal, determine if your goal is realistic and come up with a 12 week plan, broken down into 4 week sections, and 9 private training sessions that will drive you towards your goal.

Are you finally ready? NOW is the best time.  Tomorrow never comes. It's today that matters.

*Additional private training sessions are available.  Ask about our rates and packages.

Ja Spa & Fitness Members

All members of Ja Spa & Fitness receive a complimentary hour!  Tour the facility and equipment, we'll answer questions and even provide you with a complimentary exercise plan.

GREAT OFFER!!!  IT'S FREE!  You are leaving money on the table if you don't utilize this member only benefit.

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