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About Senshi CPT - A team like no other!

You aren't like everyone else.  Why train like you are? 


Senshi  Certified Personal Training (CPT) is dedicated to assisting you in your personal fitness.  Personal training is all about YOU and not the person next to you.  We specialize in corrective exercise, senior fitness, strength, athletic performance and general fitness.  Our individualized approach allows us to be innovative in our planning and design.  Our plan designs have included :

  • boxing routines,

  • focus on balance,

  • enhanced athletic performance,

  • weight loss

  • toning

  • strength

  • general fitness


In other words, we listen to you and what interests you and we design a plan with YOU in mind.

Lisa with Martial Arts Students
Lisa Bardou

National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer

National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist

National Academy of Sports Medicine Integrated Flexibility Trainer


Lisa received her certification in personal training from the prestigious National Academy of Sports Medicine.  In addition to her CPT, Lisa also completed NASM's rigorous Corrective Exercise Specialization.  She's not stopping there.  Her passion for personal fitness and wellness have her continuing her education.  She has set the bar high for herself and you can expect to see a few more certifications before long!!

Lisa has always been an active person, but a personal injury drove her desire to understand exercise and the body more.  About 5 years ago she found herself wanting to start to workout again, and after sometime off and significant weight gain, she knew she had to so something.  She enrolled in some group classes and pushed herself to match the person next to her.  Overtime this caused a shoulder injury that would remain prevalent until most recently. 

Being forced to slow down and make changes due to this injury had Lisa educating herself.  She quickly learned that not only was her posture misaligned from the years she didn't take care of herself, but she was improperly performing exercises.  With no one monitoring her form in these classes and assisting her in changes and modifications, let alone making sure that what exercises she was performing were beneficial to regaining postural alignment (which is absolutely critical), a  perfect storm for injury took place.

Lisa is passionate about assisting others in reaching their goals and making sure that it is done safely and properly. If you are anything like she is, once you have decided to start working out you jump in with both feet and go full speed ahead.  Guess what?  You can still do that.  With Lisa's help she will design an innovative plan JUST FOR YOU, and together you will work toward your goal with proper form and a focus on preventing injury.

Lisa is also a partner with Ken in Senshi Martial Arts Academy.  She has been training in Ninjutsu for over 4 years and has gone through the intensive Senshi Martial Arts Instructor program.


Call today and get started on A New Day. A New You.

Sensei Ken
Ken Tyminski

Master Martial Arts Instructor, Consultant, NASM CPT Trainee


Ken has been training in the martial arts since he was 6 years old.  A 1992 World Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, he has an impressive resume of several black belts and additional international training.  Ken is the co-creator of the Senshi Short Circuit fitness class.  His unique skill set and training are utilized for clients who wish to add boxing elements to their exercise plan design.   He is highly motivated to making sure that you have proper form and technique.

Ken has been teaching proper form in the martial arts for over 30 years and is considered a true self-defense expert.  Go to for more information on the martial arts systems taught and fields of study.  Ken also teaches group and private lessons.

Ken is also currently enrolled in the National Academy of Sports Medicine's Certified Personal Trainer certification course!! 

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